TRACER TM-02とGT-VはENKEI社との共同開発によって生み出されている。

The TM-02 and GT-V, represents the TRACER brand which are produced through joint development with ENKEI.
Through numerous races, Enkei has created a new technology and manufacturing method that emphasizes on pressure distribution and high rigidity which makes the wheel structure strong, fast, and safe.
TRACER is not just a regular sports wheel, it is the ultimate sports wheel for all on-road conditions.


Tracerの強さの秘密 -


TRACER series adopted Enkei’s original technology – the Durville die casting and MAT process. It’s a hybrid process of casting and forging. The Durville die casting is a casting process where the molten alloy is poured into the mold from its inner rim while the disc is facing downward. This solidifies the disc quickly, creating a finer metallic structure and rigidity than the normal casting process. While the MAT process is a technology that stretches wheels while forming the rim. This manufacturing method, achieves an ultimate light-weight, strength, and high rigidity comparable to forging. But unlike, forged wheels, this method gives designers more freedom and variation when designing a wheel. Enkei has made it possible to manufacture tough wheels that can withstand the rigors of sports driving while thoroughly reducing waste by using their latest simulations and knowledge attained from F1 and other motor sports around the world.

Tracerの強さの秘密 -

Tracerの強さの秘密 -

「設計」・「強度解析」・「金型製作」・「製造」まで、すべてENKEI社との共同開発によって行われた。ドリフト、タイムアタック、フォーミュラーなど、さまざまなレースシーンでアルミホイールの供給を行っているENKEI社には、長年培われた確かな技術と豊富なノウハウがある。Tracerの強さの秘密 -Lightness and Rigidity are the two most important formula for motorsports wheels. AME achieved these two important factors with its collaboration with Enkei’s most advance technology. One of the other important factors for motorsports wheel is brake cooling.
The TRACER series is designed with large aperture. It’s entire design is open 80% wide to smoothen the air passage and improves brake cooling performance. Its “Design”, “Strength Analysis”, “Mold Structure”, and “Manufacturing” were all carried out together with ENKEI’s top engineers and feedback from various motorsports scenes such as drift, time attack, and formula.

Tracerの強さの秘密 -Tracerの強さの秘密 - Tracerの強さの秘密 -18×8.5J 45サイズで7.99kgという超軽量ホイール。スポーツホイールの王道とも言える5本スポークデザインは応力分散やブレーキの冷却、タイヤ交換のしやすさなどスポーツホイールに求められる機能を備える。TM-02同様にMAT製法を採用し、リムとスポークの肉抜きをスポーツ走行に耐える限界まで行った。強度・合成・重量をクリアしつつもディスク面の立体造形により存在を主張している。

An ultra-lightweight wheel weighing 7.99 kg in 18 x 8.5J 45 size. The five-spoke design is considered to be the royal road of sports wheels. It has the functions required for sports wheels such as pressure distribution, improve brake cooling, and ease of tire replacement.
GT-V adopted Enkei’s technology – The Duraville die-casting process and the M.A.T process. In addition to its ultra-light weight, it’s rim and spokes are structured to withstand the rigors of motorsports driving while thoroughly reducing metal waste.

Tracerの強さの秘密 -

Tracerの強さの秘密 -

The P.C.D 5-100 FACE-1 and FACE-2 adopts a special design for ultra-lightweight. The structure has been change in every detail from it’s rim flange and spoke thickness.

Tracerの強さの秘密 - Tracerの強さの秘密 - Tracerの強さの秘密 -Tracerの強さの秘密 -